How many triploid grass carp do I need for my pond?   This depends on the type of aquatic plant or algae species targeted for control.  Typically, we use the normal stocking formula that equates to (10) grass carp per vegetative acre.

Are triploid grass carp the answer for my aquatic plant problem? http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/invasive-plants/grass-carp/

Private contractor maintaining your pond?  See Program Info – Areas of Jurisdiction and Priority

What are the State specifications for triploid grass carp barrier requirements?
Barriers to restrict movement of grass carp
Grass carp barrier designs

Does LCHCD stock any other fish besides triploid grass carp?  No, the District utilizes grass carp for aquatic weed control purposes only.  Recreational gamefish or ornamental fish species can be purchased otherwise, from the fish vendors list provided by FWC  Click here for fish vendors