Pond & Lake Management Publications

Aquatic Plant Management

Exotic Fishes and Invertebrates of Southwest Florida


Native Aquatic Plants

Lake Vegetation

Cape Coral Littoral Plant Guide[1]

Weed Control In Ponds

Lake Friendly Garden Guidelines

Backyard Buffer Guidelines

Your Home Septic System

Stormwater Managment A Guide For Floridians (Pages 1-25)

     Pages 26-51

     Pages 52-75

Stormwater Ponds, A Citizen’s Guide to Their Purpose and Management

     Contents and Introduction

     Chapter 1

     Chapter 2

     Chapters 3&4

     Chapters 5&6

Guidelines for Designing and Managing Florida Ponds for Recreational Fishing Document 1

Managing Florida Ponds for Fishing Document 2

Facts About Stormwater Management In Florida

Degraded Urban Dention Ponds-Problems and Solutions

Best Management Practices for South Florida Urban Stormwater Management Systems

     Appendix A: Typical Costs Associated With Structural BMPs

     Appendix B: Turf and Lanscaping Best Management Practices

     Appendix C: Structural BMP Fact Sheets 

Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction in a Florida Augmentation Lake

Getting to Know Your Local Watershed

Building Local Partnerships

Leading & Communicating

Landscape Design & Maintenance For Pollution Control

Putting Together A Watershed Management Plan

Reflecting on Lakes

Urban Runoff Impacts To Recieving Waters

Aquatic Nuisance Species Poster

Domestic Duck Problems in Urban Areas

Please Don’t Feed the Ducks