Triploid Grass Carp Permit Application

Dear Pond Owner:

The Lee County Hyacinth Control District has a program involving a biological control agent for aquatic weeds. The agent in question is the grass carp, or white amur. This fish enables the District to mange nuisance aquatic vegetation for long periods of time without repetitive chemical treatments. However, grass carp will be stocked for submersed vegetation control only. Cattails, torpedograss and other emergent vegetation are not eligible target weeds using grass carp as the bottom cover or a documentable history of weed problems, before the site be considered for stocking. The District provides these fish no charge to the pond owner. If you are interested in cooperating with the District by having your pond stocked with grass carp, follow the suggestions below.

1. Apply for a triploid grass carp permit online or check status of application process at

2. An inspector with Lee County Hyacinth Control District will visit your pond and determine if it’s a suitable candidate for grass carp stocking.

3. Upon receipt of an official permit from FWC, contact Kevin Watts (Lee County Hyacinth Control District) to arrange for having your pond stocked.


Thank you for cooperating with us in providing an effective and environmentally sound program of aquatic plant management for your pond. If you have any questions regarding completion of the permit application, or any other aspect of the program, please call Kevin Watts at (239) 694-5844
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